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Station Studios is a state of the art recording and production facility located in in a refurbished eighteenth-century factory in North Co. Dublin. Our goal is to provide our clients with a professional service at an affordable price. At Station Studios we only use high-end audio equipment and components to ensure the highest quality recordings. Our facilities consist of two acoustically treated recording studios, a large rehearsal space, vocal/isolation booth, kitchenette, terrace and chill-out rooms. Whether you are seeking a full-on live sound or a more toned-down intimate vibe, Station Studios has the right recording space for you.

Our Services

Please note that services listed below are examples of the type of work we have done previously. This list is not exhaustive. Both studios also available for dry hire. Please contact us to discuss your project idea and we will organise a package to suit your needs.




Studio Hire


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Sound Design



We've Got Two Studios

Our services are second to none with competitive pricing to suit all

Check Out Our Equipment

We use the best equipment available.


- SE Munro 'Egg' Monitors - Hearback Monitoring System x4 - Focal 'Twin 6be' Monitors - Beyerdynamic DT770 x 5 - Presonus HP60 Headphone Amp


- AVID Pro Tools 12 - Logic Pro 10 - Ableton Live 8 - Reason 9


Waves Mercury Bundle - Sound Toys 5 Effects Bundle - Izotope 8 MP Bundle - SSL Duende Native Bundle - Lexicon PCM Total Effects & Reverbs - Slate Digital VTM Bundle - Slate Digital VCC Bundle - Slate Trigger 2 Platinum


- Neve 1073 DPA Dual Pre-amp - Avalon VT - 737SP Pre-amp - Chandler TG Channel Mk2 - Chandler LTD-2 Compressor - Lexicon PCM92 Reverb/Fx Unit - Slate Pro 'The Dragon' Compressor - Roland RE-201 Vintage 'Space Echo' - WEM Copicat Delay (60's) - Eventide 'Timefactor' FX unit - Radial J48 DI box - Radial X-Amp re-amp box - Tascam BR-20 1/4`` Mastering Deck


- Moog Little Phatty Stage Il - Korg MS-20i - Dave Smith Prophet '08 - Roland TR-8


- Marshall JCM TSL100 - Marshall 1960A Cab - Vox AC-15 CC1 Combo - Orange AD-30 Combo - Ashdown Evo 500 ii Bass Amp - Ampeg 100w Combo Bass Amp - Roland KC-350 Keys/Synth Amp - Fender Blues Junior FSR Combo - EV S300 (Pair) - HK Audio Premium Pro PA (15+18)


- Fender Stratocaster w/Tex Mex pups - Fender Mustang CIJ w/80's Strat Pups - Fender Jazz USA - Martin Acoustic Guitar - Sigma 12 string acoustic (Vintage) - Musicman SUB Bass - DW Collectors Maple Kit - Pearl Export ELX Drum kit - Pearl Masters Maple Snare - Zildjian Avedis Full Cymbal Set - Electric Organ - Upright Piano - Variety of FX Pedals, Percussion etc.


- 2 x Neumann U87ai (Stereo Pair) - 2 x AKG 414 XL ll (Stereo Pair) - Royer Labs 121 (Ribbon) - 1 x Telefunken TD25 (Vintage) - 1 x Audix D6 - 5 x Shure SM58 - 3 x Shure SM57 - 1 x Shure SM57A Beta - 1 x Shure SM7B - 1 x Electrovoice RE-20 - 3 x Sennheiser MD-421 - 2 x Octava MK-012 (Stereo Pair) - 1 x Placid Audio Copperphone - 1 x SE Electronics z5600a ll - 1 x SE Electronics SE-X1 - 1 x AKG D112

Flexible Rates

*Price includes rental of studio, house engineer/technician (if Required). This also includes free tea/coffee, full use of kitchen facilities/chill out rooms and free fibre powered Wifi. Please contact us via our forum on our contact page and let us know as many details about the project as you can and we will get back to you with a price as soon as possible. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with current specials and promotions.


Hourly Rates

  • Full Studio Access
  • House Engineer
  • CD/DVD Files
  • FREE Tea & Coffee
  • FREE Wifi
  • Quality Guarantee
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€1994 Hours

Singer Package

  • 3 Songs Recorded
  • Backings Tracks
  • Mix & Master Inc.
  • House Engineer
  • CD/DVD Files
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Book Now

€3008 Hours


  • Full Studio Access
  • FREE Tea & Coffee
  • FREE Wifi
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Book Now


3 day special

  • Full Studio Access
  • FREE Tea & Coffee
  • FREE Wifi
  • Quality Guarantee
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Studio Vouchers

Perfect Gift For Christmas, Birthdays And Special Occasions.

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Station Studios, Railway Street, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.


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